Lake Tahoe Sportfishing, Lake Tahoe, Ca

image1Let me start out by saying, if you’re going to fish Lake Tahoe, you  better know a few good secrets or buddies that know the secrets. After being pointed in the right direction by the Lake Tahoe Visitors Bureau, I was told that Lake Tahoe Sport Fishing was one of the best and top rated Sport Fishing Charters on the Lake.

After making my way to one of their offices located at the Ski Run Marina, I was warmly met by the staff,  and Mikaila Bird. They gave me all of the information I needed to give me the confidence that I was probably going to catch a fish through their charter. Keep in mind, no one can guarantee what you’re going to get whether it’s fishing or hunting. But, they had a great photo board in the office showing hundreds of fish that have been caught through their charter. Ok, here we go! Show up at the dock at 6:30a.m. They are providing coffee and pastries, sodas and beer, as well as all the bait you will need. Also, downriggers, fishing poles, and tackle. I’m getting a little spoiled at this point.

IMG_0117The Captain and First Mate, are as kind and patient as you could possibly imagine. I enjoyed the drive watching the sunrise and sipping my coffee as we cruised over to the mouth of Emerald Bay. Our Captain stops the boat and points to their massive fishfinder and tells everyone, “We’re going to drop our lines here, there’s a school of Kokanee salmon below.” While some lines are rigged for Kokanee salmon, a few other lines are rigged for deep lake trout, that can reach 20lbs. easy!! In about 2 minutes time, poles were yanking, my coffee was spilling, as I went to reel in with excitement!! The rest of the morning was par for the course…fish on, fish on, fish on!! Everyone was having a great time. The boat stereo was playing some great music and I do believe ice cold beers started popping at 11a.m.

IMG_0159Is this something you want to do once in your lifetime? Yes, for sure it is. But, you will be addicted image2and come back to this Charter company, time and time again. Keeping in mind, different seasons of the year, bring in different fish. The scenery is great and I probably could have just sat in the cabin all day, just watching everyone catch fish and sipping on a nice, cold beer. One of the fisherman, Dennis Brumagin, was having such a good time, he booked a second day on the charter, back to back. You will note him in one of my pictures; a proud fisherman with a rack of Kokanee salmon.(*note: several clients had caught these fish). Later that evening, at my lodging accommodation, I was able to barbeque my salmon on a seasoned cedar plank with lemon pepper, garlic and butter. These fish were so tasty attributed to the clean water of Lake Tahoe and of course my great cooking!

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience on America’s premier Alpine lake. The captains are experienced in trolling, drifting and jigging and they’re here year-round to guide you to the lake’s hot spots. Depending on the season, you can expect to catch Mackinaw (Lake Trout), Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Kokanee Salmon (more fish info). The Mackinaw season is open all year. Introduced to Lake Tahoe near the turn of the century, Mackinaw have reproduced rapidly over the years. The limit is 5 fish per day, with a limit of 2 Mackinaw (Lake Trout). Average size is 2—7 pounds and many 20—30 pound trophies are taken each year.

Visit their website for reservations, pricing and schedules. What a great way to spend your time in Lake Tahoe!!

Joseph is a Travel Journalist as well as a Food & Entertainment critic and freelance writer with IPA Magazine. He spent 20 years as a Recording Artist in the mainstream Entertainment industry and has written film scores, as well as songs for top name Rock bands and Entertainers.

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